PdM Digital Reporting

Spartakus is a comprehensive interface that integrates all results from all your Predictive (PdM) and Condition-Based maintenance plans including vibration analysis, thermography, PDMA, oil analysis and more.

By centralizing all reporting, the platform eliminates data silos, greatly simplifying and accelerating the analysis process.

Based on a specific failure mode that is identified, analysis guidelines are automatically displayed to the analyst, including :

  • What to look for in the spectrums
  • Which images should be included in the report

Additionally, pre-populated diagnostics are available to remove manual typing. We also offer pre-designed sentences to complete the reports.

You can easily generate PDF reports, tailored to include :

  • Selected assets to add in the report
  • Specific predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies
  • Specific levels of problem severity
  • Specific asset criticality ranking

Our reports feature overall summary tables covering several months, along with detailed pages for singular issues. These include pictures, recommendations, observations, and more.

Automatically transfer oil analysis data from your lab to our system using our multi-API capabilities, bypassing analysis from oil reporting.

Override existing alarm levels from your lab to adjust alert severities in Spartakus.