$1.2M Savings in six weeks

Our Impact

  • Complete investigation every 3 months
  • PMO before/after risk reduction of 50%
  • Identified failure modes and attribution to the right personnel at the right time.

Improving production reliability

Our client, a major steel factory in a competitive industrial sector, had to reduce financial losses from assets’ mechanical failures. It was therefore imperative to establish a culture of reliability and proactive asset management.

Technicians and engineers who worked on this project used the Spartakus platform to review preventive maintenance tasks covering 16 high-risk equipment sets.

Looking for a solution

The first step in understanding site’s assets has been to identify associated failure modes. After first inspection rounds, alerts and new results appeared in asset health results.


Within the first month, the introduction of the new PM through Spartakus has made it possible to identify 8 major problems: pumps about to break down, clogged lubrication nozzles and insidious oil leaks. By systematically analyzing failure modes and following a rigorous process such as the one built in Spartakus, it is possible to quickly and efficiently fill gaps in maintenance strategies.

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