Key Content in Reliability

Maintenance strategies: an essential catalyst for operational success!

In the dynamic theater of industrial operations, competition for asset efficiency and reliability is fiercer than ever. Maintenance strategy is the cornerstone of this quest.

It’s a complex balancing act between foresight and reactivity, between prevention and intervention, which is becoming increasingly important.

Looking back on how equipment fails!

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing our key equipment take an impromptu break, leading to costly downtime and operational headaches.

It’s at these crucial moments that preventive maintenance proves to be our best ally.

Become the caring doctor of your assets!

Preventive maintenance, made possible by Asset Health, is like taking vitamins for our machines. By constantly monitoring data, we can anticipate and remedy small problems before they turn into major complications.

It’s like administering proactive care to our equipment, ensuring long life and optimum performance.

Reliability refers to how consistent a plants’ operations and performance are. Thus, a plant boasting high reliability demonstrates the capability to sustain consistent production levels, meet market demands, and avert unexpected asset failures and downtime.

The above image shows failure modes frequently encountered in 5 industrial sectors: Pulp & Paper, Mining & Metals, Food & Beverages, Oil, Gas & Chemistry, and Other Industrial Sites

Method : manual vibration monitoring by 30+ certified technicians using standardized analysis and same reporting method (Spartakus APM).

Data volume: 300,000 result entries (Jan-Dec 2023), generating over 7,500 alerts for 100+ factories in eastern Canada.