$250K Savings in one year

Our Impact

  • Over $250,000 savings documented in 1 year.
  • Major shutdowns avoided, preventing significant losses.
  • Several failure modes detected and analyzed.

Standing out by increasing production reliability

Our client asked us to improve the preventive maintenance of its new plant, built two years ago.

They were facing a problem related to their field of activity; in the food industry, the products are perishable which requires the reduction of unscheduled downtime.

Our technicians and engineers were able to help our client’s teams create preventive maintenance tasks for all at-risk equipment, using the innovative Spartakus platform.

Looking for a solution

The first step was to study each equipment in order to identify its potential failures. During the next step, we focused on the creation and implementation of preventive and predictive maintenance, particularly concerning vibration and thermography.

A positive impact

Our client was thus able to avoid major shutdowns that led to the loss of food products. Several failure modes were detected, such as:

  • water infiltration in gear motors
  • bearing lubrication faults
  • oil leaks
  • wear on critical parts

By systematically analyzing failure modes and following a rigorous process such as the one built in Spartakus, it is indeed possible to quickly and efficiently optimize the maintenance strategy.

Monthly savings

Equipment and components covered

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