35% Reduction in urgent alerts in less than 1 year

Our Impact

  • Creation, implementation and adoption of an optimized lubrication program.
  • 35% reduction in urgent maintenance alerts in less than 1 year.
  • Significantly improved customer control of their maintenance.

Project overview

Our client, a major player in the wood and paper industry, launched a new plant in early 2022. Spartakus Technologies was called upon to implement a proper lubrication program and overcome the limitations of paper-based inspection routes.

In March-April 2022, we assisted them in :

  • Standardization of lubrication practices (quantity, frequency, procedure…)
  • The implementation of a management process for lubrication routes, mobile and wireless, to ensure their traceability and adherence
  • The creation of a data history with comments and relevant visuals

A collaborative process as the basis for effective change management

Together with our client, we set up a collaborative process to ensure the smooth implementation of these new practices, including consulting with field technicians, periodic follow-ups with the various stakeholders, training and a mentoring program.

The management of change and the assurance of putting in place procedures that are actually followed in the field are for us essential quality guarantees for the smooth running of maintenance.

Spartakus APM is an intuitive platform developed for field workers, aligning with our needs. 

Maintenance Manager

For tangible results

Our client has gained greater control over its maintenance:

  • By visualizing the health status of its equipment in two clicks
  • By prioritizing corrective actions more efficiently
  • By allowing them to make informed decisions more quickly

They have seen a significant reduction in the number of work orders, which has allowed them to improve their operational efficiency

Reduction in urgent alerts

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