Spartakus APM: a successful transition at Laurentide Controls 

The implementation of Spartakus APM marked a significant evolution in internal maintenance management at Laurentide Controls, Eastern Canada’s leading provider of reliability solutions. Since 2020, the Kirkland site has seen the introduction of several essential modules designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of its operations. 

First, the calibration tools management module was introduced within the company, to greatly facilitate the management of the calibration tools inventory. Technicians could easily reserve these tools in advance from a schedule visible to all. This automation has saved time and efficiency for all users, and, in particular, for the manager who now knows which instruments are being used and by which person. 

Next came the warehouse management module. This was designed to streamline inventory management at the Kirkland site. It enabled the efficient ordering of required items, the determination of future needs based on demand, the management of reservations, and the establishment of templates and checklists in line with business units (BUs). It has been particularly useful for new employees, providing clear guidelines on personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment and stock availability. Automating this process has helped maintain optimal stock levels and ensure that the necessary items are always available when required. 

Finally, Spartakus APM software has enabled the introduction of QR codes for trucks in the in-house fleet, facilitating visual inspections to ensure compliance with safety procedures and standards. This initiative was aimed at improving transport safety, reducing delivery times, and minimizing operating costs. 

The Spartakus APM transition and implementation process 

These transitions were meticulously planned and executed in-house. The final implementation took about a month, with the support of a dedicated internal resource within our customer. During this period, Laurentide Controls worked closely with the Spartakus team to understand the specific needs of each center. We relied on team leaders and internal Excel files to ensure a smooth transition at all three of our customer’s centers: Kirkland, Newfound Land and New Brunswick. 

One of the main challenges encountered throughout this process was change management, particularly at middle management level. Its employees had developed a 12-year habit of using Excel and were unfamiliar with a shared “drive” approach. This significant change was difficult for some experienced managers to accept. A change management process was set up specifically to support these middle managers. Conversely, end-users showed greater adaptability, particularly when it came to using the new route management module. 

Tangible benefits noted internally and during the latest external audit  

The advantages and benefits of adopting Spartakus APM have been manifold. Our customer has been able to prevent a drift in its maintenance operations, reducing costs by optimizing its practices (who, what, when, where and how). 

Spartakus APM played a key role in optimizing maintenance routes, improving the overall efficiency of our customer’s organization. It also facilitated the monitoring of monthly inspections, thanks to checklists drawn up in the system, and the use of barcodes. Coordination between the various departments has also been improved. 

The latest annual compliance audit in January 2023, carried out by an external company, highlighted these clear improvements in maintenance monitoring. 

“Spartakus APM has proved to be a major catalyst for our business. Its ease of use has enabled a smooth transition of change in the field. And its implementation has given us real peace of mind thanks to the easy monitoring of KPIs and the health of our assets. The positive impact on the satisfaction of our technicians and end-users is undeniable, as well as on our maintenance management!” 

Director | Mechanical Repairs and Services Division 

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