Exploring the Diverse Connectors of Spartakus APM software

7 years after its initial launch, Spartakus APM stands out for its versatile functionality and integration capabilities. This lubrication/inspection rounds and asset health software suite harnesses a variety of connectors to streamline and optimize asset management processes across different industries. Let’s delve into these connectors, grouped by their specific types and details. 

Here are Spartakus APM’s existing connectors to date: 

Live monitoring

  • Emerson 9530: live data is transmitted through a special communication tunnel between the gateway and our data center. 

Oil Analysis: the blood of machinery health

  • Wearcheck: A leading service in oil analysis, Wearcheck offers detailed insights into lubricant health, which is crucial for predicting machinery wear and tear. 
  • TestOil: Specializing in oil testing, TestOil provides essential data for maintaining optimal machine health. 
  • Polaris: This service plays a pivotal role in oil analysis, offering advanced diagnostics to prevent machinery failures. 
  • FluidLife: As the name suggests, FluidLife extends the life of machinery fluids, thus ensuring better asset longevity. 
  • ALS: Known for its robust testing capabilities, ALS contributes significantly to understanding and enhancing machinery health through fluid analysis. 

CMMS/ERP Integration: Streamlining Asset Management

  • SAP: This world-renowned ERP system seamlessly integrates with Spartakus, offering an organized approach to asset management. 
  • GuideTI: GuideTI connector further enhances asset management by integrating maintenance and operational data. 
  • IFS: Known for its agility, IFS connects with Spartakus to provide flexible and comprehensive asset management solutions. 

Thermography through mobile devices: the future of temperature readings

  • FLIR-One: Revolutionizing asset management, FLIR-One offers mobile thermography solutions, making it easier to diagnose and predict issues in real-time. 

Instrumentation and Control: precision at Its Finest

  • Procal: Procal stands out for its precision in instrumentation management, ensuring that every detail is monitored and controlled effectively. 

Valve Management: Enhancing Operational Efficiency

  • Axiom: Axiom excels in managing valves, a crucial component in many industrial processes, thus ensuring smoother and more efficient operations. 

Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO)

  • Fusion: Fusion was incorporated to Spartakus APM and brings a unique perspective to PMO, streamlining the process to deliver full maintenance strategies in record time.  

Data Visualization and Decision-Making Tools

  • PowerBI: PowerBI enhances Spartakus APM by providing powerful data visualization capabilities, assisting in informed decision-making. 


The connectors of Spartakus APM Software are a testament to its versatility and efficiency in managing assets. From oil analysis to ERP integration and beyond, each connector brings a unique value, making Spartakus a comprehensive solution for modern asset management needs. 

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