#1 Establishing a modern vision for reliability

A Future-proof Organization

Economic growth combined with massive retirement of labor and the unprecedented pandemic beginning in 2019 led to shortage of manpower in many employment fields. In addition to the global market becoming increasingly competitive (reinforcement of Middle Eastern or Asian manufacturing, low interest rate policies, digitalization, etc.), companies in North America now face the need to do more with less like never before.

Maintenance, reliability and operations experts can lead the necessary change by implementing a culture for reliability and safety in their organizations. Working in a less reactive environment will make the job more pleasant for everyone.

A reliable company does not over-consume spare parts, is able to optimize its energy usage, and brings its production scrap/rejects down to the minimum.

As resources and non-renewable energies will become less available in the upcoming 25 years, bumps and turbulences are expected, including disruptions in the supply of raw materials, manufactured goods, and energy. In these situations, resilient organizations will be the ones that are most likely to survive.

When not disrupted, operations will need to be as reliable as possible. A good vision for your organization should be pragmatic and take the political/economic context into consideration. Sales and marketing efforts should also be aligned with operations and maintenance to minimize constraints and avoid losses, scrap, and rejects.

Finally, aim to use high-tech wisely by deploying live-monitoring technologies on the most critical assets only, while ensuring 100% of compliance on basic care (lubrication, PM activities).

Key points to establish a vision for the years 2025-2050

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