5 reasons to report thermography rounds within Spartakus APM

Whether employed by a service provider or trained in-house, certified thermography analysts engage in daily tasks centered on monitoring machinery health. They gather thermographic data, employ software tools to analyze it, identify any anomalies or irregularities, and produce detailed reports with maintenance recommendations or further investigation. Through close collaboration with maintenance teams, they troubleshoot issues, contribute to predictive maintenance planning, and uphold optimal machinery performance while consistently refining monitoring techniques.

Thorough documentation of analysis findings and maintenance activities is essential, enabling trend tracking and informed decision-making regarding ongoing machinery health and operational efficiency. Therefore, integrating thermography analysis outcomes into Asset Performance Management (APM) software like Spartakus can yield numerous benefits for technicians overseeing industrial machinery.

How to report Thermography rounds in Spartakus? 

This consists of 2 simple steps:

  • Technician goes in the field for his route.
  • Back at his desk :
    • The analysis is done in the IR software.
    • The reporting is done in Spartakus APM.

What are the advantages to report thermography analysis in Spartakus instead of traditional excel/pdf? 

1. Accelerated reporting tools

Why? Because Spartakus APM comes with advanced reporting and visualization tools. These tools can help the technician report thermography data more effectively.

Our optimized reporting process for quick and accurate diagnostic include:

  • Assets in logical (walking) order
  • Previous measurements information and history
  • Attach pictures (drag n’ drop screenshots)
  • Pre-fill a thermography route with previous results and only focus on what has changed

Spartakus’ thermography routes reporting tool

2. Standardized reporting habits for easier onboarding of new employees

Spartakus’ PDF report sample

3. The asset health dashboard: the communication channel that was missing!

4. Quickly create work orders in your CMMS from Spartakus

5. Deploy with mobile rounds

In essence, integrating thermography analysis results into an APM software like Spartakus not only improves the efficiency of data management but also enhances the ability to derive actionable insights for predictive maintenance, thus optimizing the overall performance and longevity of industrial machinery, while increasing the productivity of thermography analysts.

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